The Piatt County Museum was fortunate enough to participate in the Tribute Train by having a display at the VFW Hall. The Tribute Train event was hosted by the Monticello Railway Museum and the Illinois State Military Museum. Above you will see some pictures of our WWI collection.

Bicentennial Tree


In late October, the first tree was planted at the Museum site. This isn't any ordinary tree. There is a story behind it with historical meaning. This Bicentennial apple tree can be traced back to John Chapman, or as many like to call him, Johnny Appleseed. John Chapman came from Pennsylvania and brought with him apple seeds, which he planted in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and other locations. The last known surviving Johnny Appleseed tree is located at the Algeo Farm in Nova, Ohio. The Illinois State Historical Society collected 102 grafts from this tree, one for each county in Illinois, to celebrate the state's Bicentennial. 

Our hope is to share this story with Museum visitors and keep the Johnny Appleseed history alive. By securing this tree for Piatt County and the Museum, that history can start here.

Read more about the tree planting here

October 12, 2010

Initial construction on the Education and Visitor's Center began.

September, 2011

Concrete workers laid the floor for the Education and Visitor's Center.

April, 2012

Ameren was on site to bring power to the new building.

September, 2013

Construction for the new phase of the Museum began. A gambrel barn was erected on the existing 12-foot concrete foundation. The barn with be the main site for exhibiting artifacts.