The Museum Gallery

The Gallery offers something for everyone:

Educational: Regardless of your background, you will learn something new every time you visit!

Fluid: Exhibits change throughout the year, offering a fresh look at a wide variety of topics.

Paced: From the casual observer to those immersed in history, our paced layout fits your schedule.

Social: A place to meet with old friends and discover something new.

Inclusive: Developing an exhibit for the Gallery is not limited to just Museum members. If you are interested in becoming a guest exhibitor, contact us for details.

Gallery exhibits are divided into four categories:

Main Exhibit: Our main display features an easy to follow, yet comprehensive look into a topic of interest to life in Piatt County and east-central Illinois.

Lifestyle Exhibits: Small-format displays of lessor-known, yet essential items of past lifestyles.

Gallery Spotlight: A specialized exhibit presented by a Museum member or guest exhibitor.

Storyboard: A text-format exhibit presented in a simple reading style. Guests can choose from individual segments or enjoy the entire work.